Creative Media Industries and the Advanced Technology Era (Artificial Intelligence and The Metaverse )

Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF) 2023

Designing the Future of Media In Line with AI  and Advanced Technologies

Creative Media Industries and the Advanced Technology Era

(Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse )

May 9th and 10th,  2023


Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF) is the first global platform, annual event and academic conference that brings together academics, media professionals, AI companies, educational institutions, and government entities to conduct research and forecast on the technologies of the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions and their impacts on media and entertainment.

Under the slogan “Designing the Future of Media, Touching Human Lives 2050,” AIJWF will serve as a foundation for the rigor and intellectual expansion of Artificial Intelligence Journalism and Media of Metaverse.

AIJWF forecasts the future of Humans 2050, particularly in light of the technological advances and artificial intelligence technologies in various fields: Media and Entertainment, Information and Communications Technology, Culture, Healthcare, Education, Economic, Sustainable Development Goals, and designing the future of Smart and Sustainable Cities.

AIJWF current version carries a very significant topic about the growth of creative industries in Media and Entertainment in light of the future of advanced technologies. Entitled: (Creative Media Industries and the Advanced Technology Era, Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse)

The AIJWF 2023 focuses on 6 main pillars:
1- Media creative cities and digital economy industry.
2- Higher education, creative industries and Metaverse solutions.
3- Integration of artificial intelligence technologies in media and humanities curricula.
4- Legal and legislative challenges in the face of advanced technology and creating Metaverse code of ethics.
5- International “Media and Educational” experiences in the world of Metaverse.

6-The knowledge gap and demands of the labour market in light of technological progress and Metaverse in the Arab region.

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AIJWF Main Contacts

  Main Contact Email
Communication and Arabic Content on Metaverse Award (CACM) ·        Prof. Ahmed El Mansoori, Manager of the CACM Award
Media and Academic Relations ·        Dr. Radwa Abdullatif, Manager of the Academic Relations (Egypt and GCC)
Training and Programs ·        Dr. Rasha Hegzay, Manager of Training and Programs

·        Ms. Shaimaa Kazamel, UAE Coordinator of Training and Programs

Global Partners and Relations


·        Dr. Abbas Al Zanjne, Manager of U.S Relations and Partnership 

·        Mr. Shadi Diab, UAE Media Advisor

Academic Papers and Research ·        Dr. Sheren Mousa, AIJRF Academic Advisor
Panellists and Sessions ·        Eng. Amel Boumahra, Manager of Administrative Affairs, AIJRF

·        Ms. Shaimaa Kazamel, UAE Coordinator of Training and Programs

All Other Inquiries AIJWF Team



May 09 - 10 2023


All Day

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