AIJRF Announces the 3rd Edition of Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum to Kick off in May 2023

AIJRF Announces the 3rd Edition of Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum to Kick off in May 2023

In Press Conference and Live from AIJRF Newsroom on Metaverse

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher: “The third edition is an opportunity to foresight the future of creative industries in light of technological development and Metaverse
His Excellency Mohammed Al Hammadi:  “UAE is a global leader in the creative industries and the forum is an opportunity to boost the digital economy sector in the region”

The Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Foresight (AIJRF), the leading scientific institution in media studies, artificial intelligence, and media of metaverse, announced the launch of the 3rd edition  of Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum “AIJWF” on the 9th and 10th of May, 2023, in a press conference from the UAE Journalists Association and live from the AIJRF Newsroom on the Metaverse.

AIJWF is the first annual global scientific event of its kind, which is concerned with studying and forecasting the future of the media and entertainment sectors globally in light of AI and advanced technology of the 4th  and 5th  industrial revolutions.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, CEO of AIJRF, said: “we are happy to  announce the launch of “AIJWF”, the global and academic  event in which we are keen to have representatives from all media outlets, academic institutions, and AI manufactures  to discuss and foresee the future of media and entertainment sector,  year after year in line with the advanced technologies.”

Abdulzaher: “This year, the forum will discuss creative media industries in light of advanced technology (artificial intelligence and Metaverse), where we will try to answer several questions such as: What is the shape of the creative cities industry in light of advanced technology and metaverse?  How can governments and media organizations invest in creating creative cities on Metaverse? We will also showcase media experiences and global creative cities that have contributed into this field.”

Abdulzaher added: “We are happy with our  partnership this year with the UAE Journalists Association, the Emirates Vision Media Network, the  Social Media Pioneers Association, and a number of local and Arab media .”

Important Theme

His Excellency Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chairman of the board of directors of the UAE Journalists Association   stated: “In this year’s session, the AIJWF highlights many important topics that support the UAE’s vision globally, and the means of perfectly using new technologies to shape the future of humanity. He added: “This year’s forum focuses on six main pillars: Media creative cities and the digital economy industry, higher education, creative industries and Metaverse solutions, integration of artificial intelligence technologies in media and humanities curricula, legal and legislative challenges in the face of advanced technology and metaverse code of ethics, in addition to international “media and educational” experiences in the metaverse, and the knowledge gap and the demands of the labor market in light of technological progress  and metaverse in the Arab region”.

His Excellency Mohamed Al Hammadi

Al Hammadi added: “UAE is a pioneer in the creative industries globally, and “AIJWF” is a real opportunity to strengthen the digital economy sector in the region, and create investment opportunities in this field, to ensure the optimal employment of these technologies in all economic sectors.”

Metaverse Communication Award

The AIJWF will announce an award specialized in communication and Arabic content creation on metaverse, which is the first award of its kind in the world.

Dr. Ahmed Al Mansoori, Chairman of the Award and Member of the Advisory Board of (AIJRF), said:

“The award is the first of its kind, which will be granted to Arab government agencies or Arab media outlets that have begun to provide their actual services on metaverse, whether services for the media content industry “media of metaverse”, or various smart public government services.
He added:” The award has some general terms:1- Each party presents its platform on the Metaverse, through an introductory video about the most important services provided on Metaverse, including total statistical information about the numbers of audience and users.

Dr. Ahmed Al Mansoori

2- Each candidate should provide the total number of services available on Metaverse, the number of employees specialized in providing services, and the number of services performed “weekly” on Metaverse.

3- Media outlets should provide samples of media content presented on Metaverse, whether it is news content / advertisements / marketing, etc.

4- All platforms are to be reviewed by an independent arbitration committee, in addition to a team of AIJRF experts in order to determine the best media or governmental services provided.

5- The top 10 winners will be contacted to participate in a specialized panel discussion on the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF) “March, 2023”, which will be followed by the announcement of the winning agencies after the public panel discussions in front of the jury and the public.

Social Media Pioneers

H.E Abdullah Al-Shehhi, President of the  Emirates Vision Media Network, and the  Social Media Pioneers Association,  has expressed his happiness in the partnership with the AIJWF, saying: “AIJRF is a pioneer in providing all tools and solutions of artificial intelligence in supporting the creation of smarter media content,  we are very keen to develop the skills of social influencers and content makers  by empowering them with all artificial intelligence tools, and the AIJWF this year is a great opportunity to support the skills of content makers.

H.E Abdullah Al-Shehhi

Dr. Radwa Abdullatef, Media Director of “AIJWF”, and Director of Academic Relations at (AIJRF) in Egypt and Gulf, announced that this year’s forum will receive Arab and foreign scientific research related to the axes in order to enrich scientific research in this field, and will also present on the sidelines of the forum 4 applied and academic workshops specialized on:

• Metaverse and smarter government services industry

• Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education Technologies

• Robotic marketing and marketing in the metaverse world. How do you create business opportunities?

• Artificial intelligence techniques and detection of false content.

She added, “The idea of the first edition of the forum, March 2021, aimed to achieve the objectives of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF), in creating a new generation of Arab content creators who are good at employing artificial intelligence techniques to produce distinguished Arab media content, in addition to employing these technologies in many and other fields.


AIJWF is the first global platform and an annual event, which brings together academics, media professionals, AI development companies, educational institutions, and government entities to forecast the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions technologies and its impact on the future of human, the media industry and future cities.

The first edition of (AIJWF) was kicked off in March 2021, and chaired by Professor Farouk El-Baz, an Egyptian American space scientist and geologist, Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, U.S.A, with the participation of more than 50 universities and research centers and more than 200 researchers and journalists from 20 different countries.

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